St Mary Aldermary

*Henry Gold was also presented to the vicarage of St Mary’s, Hayes, in 1529.Type your paragraph here.

He was hanged at Tyburn in 1534 for his part in the “Holy Maid of Kent” affair.

His successor, Edward Crowe (or Crane), was appointed following the personal invitation of Anne Boleyn whose husband, King Henry VIII, had ordered Gold’s execution.

“The 20 Aprill 1534 Elizabeth Barton, a nunne professed, Edward Bocking and Iohn Derring, two monks of Christs church in Canterburie, and Richard Risby  and another of his fellows of ye same house, Richard Master, parson of Aldington and Henry Gold priest, were drawne from the Tower of London to Tiborne and there hanged and headed, the nuns head set on London Bridge and the other heades on gates of ye citie.”      (Stow)  Type your paragraph here.

There has been a church on the site of St Mary Aldermary’s for over 900 years. The list of known Clergy begins in 1234.