St Mary Aldermary

The best known person commemorated in the church, by a monument on the south wall, is Percivall Pott (1714-88), a surgeon at St Bartholomew's Hospital, who is remembered throughout the medical profession by the term "Pott's fracture". Other notable monuments are a fine one to John Seale on the north wall, and those to Rene Baudouin and James Braidwood. 

A tablet in the south west corner commemorates The Rev'd Richard Johnson BA who died March 13th 1827 aged 74 years. He was the first and for many years the only chaplain appointed to the extensive colony of New South Wales, and afterwards 17 years Rector of the united parish of St Antholin and St John the Baptist. In 1874 St Antholin was demolished and the memorial tablet removed to its present place. Johnson did his utmost to help newly arrived convicts and built the colony's first church with his own hands.  Although no memorial to him is to be found in the church, history records that Henry Gold, rector from 1526 to 1534, was, following his opposition to Henry VIII's divorce from Catherine of Aragon, found guilty with others of incitement to rebellion and , after excommunication, was hanged and beheaded at Tyburn. 

Wall Monuments

With the aid of very generous donations from the Friends of the City Churches all the monuments in the Church have now been cleaned and restored.